TIME: 20 minutes
This episode consists of one section.

You created a video of a tossed ball. In this episode
you will guide your audience in using video analysis
technology to demonstrate the characteristics of
projectile motion.

Download the video to the desktop:
a. Open LoggerPro
b. Insert the Movie
c. Set the scale (length of each vertical segment is 0.09 m)
d. Manually advance the video until you see the ball in the hand of the thrower. Mark the video
e. Give a title to your graph
f. Analyze the graph by doing the appropriate fit to both lines.
g. Save your Logger Pro file as: FIRST NAME
h. Upload the Logger Pro file: DropittoMe
   Password: physics

Write your answers on the FORM:

1. Explain why does your graph shows two different types of lines

2. What type of motion is represented by the linear graph?

3. What information is obtained from the slope of the linear graph?

4.Write the numerical value obtained from the slope

5. What type of curve is shown?

6. The results of the curve fit show two important values. What quantities do they represent?

7. What is the value of the acceleration?

8. What is the velocity of the ball at the top of the parabolic path?